Delivering European Works of Art for your Celebrations

For over 30 years, Christopher Radko has created "works of heart", crafted from mouth blown glass and painted entirely by hand. We have been an authorized retailer of Radko ornaments since 1999, and specialize in the Radko ornaments created from 1999-2007 - now ALL retired!

We also offer the Inge-Glas ornaments from Germany. These ornaments come from the Muller and Eichhorn families' tradition of mouth blown glass and hand painted ornaments dating back over 400 years - since 1596!

RADKO4U.COM is successful in delivering these delicate mouth blown/hand painted ornaments because of our meticulous approach to packing.

Each ornament is re-inspected before shipping, then rewrapped in its original bag/padding, placed into a Radko (or Inge-glas) gift box, then securely wrapped. To complete its journey, it is important that you allow your ornament to come to room temperature before touching. Any fine glass may shatter if it has come from a cold temperature then touched with warm hands! If you do this, you can enjoy your "works of heart" heirloom for many years to come!

NOTE: Due to the limited number of ornaments that we have in stock, sometimes we sell out of an ornament faster than we can update the webstore. If you should happen to order something that we no longer have in stock, we'll call and/or shoot you an email for options.

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